Discover the benefits of clean eating with Kooshi Gourmet's Detox Challenge. This program is designed to promote healthy, targeted weight loss. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Protein Snack, and three revitalizing Extras. Prepared with limited carbohydrates and very low oil. No dairy, red meat, or refined sugar. 

1200 Calories - $78.00/day
1500 Calories - $85.00/day
2000 Calories - $92.00/day 

HYDRATE - Start your day with a refreshing alkalinized mineral water, infused with fresh ingredients for an antioxidant boost.

NOURISH - Enjoy three perfectly portioned, gourmet meals made from lean protein, healthy fats, and farm fresh produce. 

BOOST - Energize between meals with a fresh pressed green drink or satisfying protein shake.

REJUVENATE - Relax and curb cravings with a calming, soothing infused herbal tea.

*This is a fixed program. No modifications may be made beyond the three standard Dislikes. Sample menus are available here. For questions or further details, contact Kooshi.

TOTAL: $2,340.00