91% of the world's plastic waste ends up in landfills, is incinerated, or flushed into our precious rivers and oceans. And while we have worked to reduce and eliminate any unnecessary plastic in the production and creation of Kooshi Gourmet meals, some of it is unavoidable.

That’s why we are proud to be partners with rePurpose, a global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going plastic neutral. We work closely with rePurpose to calculate our plastic usage, and, with their help, fund the ethical recovery and processing of the same amount of plastic.

We believe that how we treat our environment is just as important as how we treat our bodies. And we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to make our community and planet better, cleaner, and more sustainable for everyone.

Plastic Neutral Certification Process

1. Measure:
rePurpose works with Kooshi Gourmet to quantify the plastic footprint per product line, based on the plastic content of Koosh
i product’s packaging. We found the total plastic footprint for 1 year to be 941 kgs based on the sales projections over a 12 month period.

2. Fund:
For every unique item sold, Kooshi shall fund the ethical recovery and processing of an equivalent amount of plastic waste, stemming its flow into our precious oceans and landscape.

3. Impact:
Kooshi's PlasticNeutral proceeds enable rePurpose to facilitate investment in sustainable recovery and recycling infrastructure, guaranteeing removal of as much plastic from the environment as was generated through Kooshi’s packaging