Detox Sample Menu

Where it all started. Our original program is perfect for those without a specific dietary restriction but still crave fresh, healthy, high-protein, and gluten-free meals. Each chef-prepared dish uses fresh, local ingredients and can be customized to your taste.



Egg White Scramble | Sauteed Spinach | Roasted Grape Tomatoes
Thai Shrimp Salad | Butter Lettuce | Grilled Tiger Prawns | Mint | Cilantro | Thai Spiced Dressing
Herb Roasted Chicken | Butternut Squash Puree | Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Paleo Protein Shake
Aloe Vera Hydration Water
Peachy Green Tea


Organic Egg Scramble | Butternut Squash | Chicken Apple Sausage
Kooshi Farmer’s Market Chopped Salad | Organic Grilled Chicken | Farmers Market Vegetables
Wild Alaskan Salmon | Roasted Sweet Potato | Sauteed Garlic Kale
Kooshi Jade Juice
Cucumber Electrolyte H20
Hibiscus Verbena Iced Tea


Organic Egg Frittata | Turkey Bacon | Sauteed Pea Tendrils
Italian Little Gem Salad | Grilled Organic Chicken | Champagne Vinaigrette
Grilled Mahi-Mahi | Roasted Carrots | Sauteed Baby Spinach
Organic Coconut Water
Kooshi Super Green Smoothie
Jasmine Mango Iced Tea
Blueberry Boost Smoothie
Gluten-Free Mint Chocolate Cookie