Detox Meal Plan - Kooshi Gourmet Los Angeles Meal Delivery



Need a reset? With Detox, you’ll receive meals carefully prepared with limited carbohydrates, very low oil, and no dairy, red meat, or refined sugar. We also provide fresh pressed juices, plus a daily checklist to keep you on track.

HEAL - Start your day with powerful and healing properties of celery juice for inflamation and gut health. 

HYDRATE - Refreshing alkalinized mineral water, infused with fresh ingredients for an antioxidant boost.

REJUVENATE - Relax and curb cravings with a calming, soothing infused herbal tea.

BOOST - Energize between meals with a fresh pressed green drink or satisfying protein shake.

NOURISH - Enjoy three perfectly portioned, gourmet meals made from lean protein, healthy fats, and farm fresh produce. 

This is a fixed program. No modifications may be made beyond the three standard Dislikes. For questions or further details, contact Kooshi.

  • Nutritional Details

    • Contains alkalizing ingredients and refreshing elixirs to kick start a healthy lifestyle.
    • You can expect to reduce acidity, restore your body’s PH balance and give your digestive system a much needed break.
    • You won’t find dairy, red meat, or refined sugars.
    • Make healthy, targeted weight loss easy and delicious.