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7 Foods & Beverages That Boost Energy

With Spring and Summer just around the corner plenty of people are looking for an energy boost to get through a day, week, class, meeting, or whatever you do that fills up your day. As long as you are a living, breathing human it is essential to maintain good energy levels to properly function no matter the time or situation.

Before discussing foods, there is sleep. Sleep is a huge contributing factor to your energy levels. Control what you can control when it comes to sleep - have a routine, a consistent sleep and wake time, and talk to a health professional about how much sleep someone your age and occupation or activity level needs on a nightly basis.

We know that sleep is an important factor, but this is about things we physically consume that can give us a spike in energy. These are great to keep in mind when you are packing snacks to eat at work or ordering breakfast at a restaurant at the beginning of a busy day.

Energy Boosting Foods

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables- tried and true. In season fruits and veggies may provide a slightly higher amount of vitamins and minerals than those not in season.
  2. Oats- carbs for energy and fiber to help sustain it. Classic breakfast (or anytime) food can help keep energy levels high throughout the entire day.
  3. Eggs- a great source of protein and when combined with a whole grain (i.e. oats we just mentioned) they can help keep your belly full, muscles feeling strong, and your energy up.
  4. Coffee- if you can tolerate caffeine, a cup of black coffee is not bad for you despite what some would like you to believe. Coffee can obviously increase energy levels. It also provides antioxidants that promote good health, and could even help you live longer. If you like caffeine but tend to get jittery, try taking L-Theanine in a 2 to 1 ratio to your caffeine.
  5. Green tea- Can’t stand coffee? Go for a green tea instead. It still packs some caffeine punch, plus provides other health benefits like protecting brain cells from free radical damage.
  6. Water- this might seem obvious, but too many people sip soda all day and become dehydrated. Dehydration can affect your mental abilities as well as your energy levels.
  7. Almonds- not only are almonds easier to carry and ration, they also contain nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium that help convert food into energy.

These things can all assist you in maintaining good energy levels throughout the day, but know that there are many other contributing factors as well, including getting that good sleep. Your overall lifestyle will play an important role not only in your energy but in your overall health. Eat, exercise, sleep and live a balanced, healthy and energetic life.


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